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Become A Canal Master with Darran Bickerton


In the first part of this new series, Kamasan Starlets star and Sensas canal connoisseur Darran Bickerton reveals his short-swim secrets…

The swim that I’m going to talk about today is ignored by 90 per cent of canal anglers. It is based around fishing a short pole swim on and around the near slope of a canal.

Most narrow canals have a very similar cross section. They start off very shallow next to the near bank, perhaps where there’s normally a little flat shelf. As you move out, normally just a few feet, this starts to get deeper, and there’s a steady slope away until the canal reaches full depth in the central boat track. It is fishing in this area of the canal that I want to focus on today. (more…)

Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters


Jake Fowles’ highlight of the month was taking part in the Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters at Tunnel Barn Farm, despite it not going entirely to plan…

The phrase “It’s the taking part that counts” is one I have always associated with people that generally don’t win anything. My standard reaction to this is to think to myself how it definitely isn’t just the taking part that counts; there is nothing better than winning! However, at the recent Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters event held at Tunnel Barn Farm I saw things in a different light… (more…)

Do you want a Pellet Basket?


John Allerton unveils a modern innovation for shallow fishing that is simple, cheap and wins him lots of matches!

Like last month, the only bait that graces my side tray today is a bag of 4mm fisiery pellets, and a few slightly bigger pellets for the hook. This minimal bait menu has won me hundreds of matches at this time of year, especially when Urn planting on fishing shallow. What I want to show you today, however, is a method of fishing shallow that is a little different to the norm.

I often hear anglers refer to shallow fishing as a method that they often try during a match, but if it isn’t a fish-a-chuck pretty much straightaway, they dismiss it quite quickly. What I have learnt, though, is that shallow fishing is a method you need to work at, and on those days when the going is a little tricky, one particular device has transformed my shallow fishing. All hail the pellet basket! (more…)